Top Best Tower Fans Reviews 2019 – Full & Unbiased Details!

Tower fans are great for your living room. They are different from your air conditioners but they are special because they provide a blast of air especially in hot conditions to make you very comfortable.

While it is really not a brainier in getting one, it is also very likely that you may end up with a tower fan that does not deliver on its intended use.

Most models lack the proper fan power, some cannot cover the room properly, some are downright ugly and others just do not perform to expectation.

You will always think less of a tower fan till you find yourself in a stuffy, humid and very hot room; this alone will make you appreciate the duties of a reliable cooling tower fan.

Tower fans are very ideal for use in the living room, bedroom and are very efficient and capable of blowing enough cool air to make both you and your guests comfortable without the high electricity bills that come with constant use of an air conditioner.

The Top Best Tower Fans Reviews

Here we go on the reviews of the best tower fans:

Lasko Wind Curve Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer

Lasko is one of the most popular brands when it comes to fans and their 2551 Wind Curve Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer is one of the best models offered by this reliable manufacturer.


The Lasko Wind Curve fan offers 3 speed settings and optional 90-degree oscillation. It’s impressively quiet, even when running on the highest setting.

This makes it a great option for use in a bedroom. And the tall 42.5″ height of this tower fan helps it to distribute cooling air evenly throughout the room.


This model from Lasko comes fully assembled and features a built-in ionizer that’s great for reducing allergens and for creating a fresh air feeling in your home.

It also comes with an energy-saving timer with programmable shut-off increments up to 7.5 hours. Lasko designs all of their fans with their patented Blue Plug technology.

This safety feature cuts off the electric current to the fan if there is an electrical fault in the fan’s motor or a problem with your home’s power source. Plus, oscillation, speed settings, and the electric timer can all be controlled by the on-unit control panel or with the included remote control.


The Lasko 2551 is constructed from durable plastic but features an elegant design that helps it blend into the décor of any room.

It also features a built-in carry handle and a storage space beneath the handle where the remote control can be stowed away. At 12.1 lbs, it’s heavier than most of the other models on our list, reducing the chance of you accidentally knocking it over while still allowing it to be light enough to move from room to room.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

Want a safe, stylish way to control the temperature in your home? Then the Dyson AM07 Tower Fan is one of the best purchases you can make.


This Dyson AM07 powerhouse rivals traditional bladed models in terms of air flow while being safer and much easier to clean. Looking to cut down cooling costs?

It also was engineered to use 10% less power and its smooth, one-touch oscillation control ensures that the whole room receives its comforting breeze.

It’s perfect for any room since the elimination of spinning blades means this tower fan is 60% quieter that any rivals on the market and its 10 air flow settings give you far more versatility than most of its competitors.


The Dyson AM07 uses Air Multiplier technology that allows it to produce strong airflow without the need for rapidly spinning blades.

This makes it safer for households with kids or pets while also making it much easier to clean. With a built-in sleep timer, you can program the unit to shut off in preset 15 minute intervals up to 9 hours in duration. And its curved, magnetized remote control features 10 airflow settings. Plus, this fan was built to last and comes backed with a 2 year warranty covering parts and labor.


This is a striking tower fan that looks sleek and modern, ensuring it will look great in any room. Its 39.6″ height and slim design allows it to tuck into almost any corner while delivering high-velocity air flow with virtually no sound. And its 9 lb body ensures that moving it from room to room is a breeze.

Holmes HT38RBU Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control

Affordable, quiet, and versatile, the Holmes HT38RBU Oscillating Tower Fan is one of the best fans out there for anyone looking for an economic way to keep a room cool and comfortable.


The HT38R-U features 3 fan speed settings and 90-degree oscillation, allowing it to cool a room measuring up to 300 square feet. It provides generous airflow and features two quiet modes so you can even use this model when you’re sleeping in your bedroom.


This Holmes tower fan features a built-in adjustable thermostat that lets you keep a room at a specific temperature and a convenient 8-hour shut-off timer prevents you from wasting energy. Two quiet modes mean it can be used in the bedroom or when taking a nap. And its remote lets you adjust all the settings without having to mess with the unit’s control panel.


The HT38R-U is built with a slim design, allowing it to be tucked away into the corner of any room. The top-mounted control panel features LED lights so you can adjust settings in the dark.

And an integrated carry handle and storage space for the remote means you can move it from room to room with ease. Plus, this 32″ tower fan weighs less than 8 lbs and comes backed by a 3 year limited warranty.

Lasko 4930 35″ Remote Control Oscillating High Velocity Fan

Lasko is known for making high-quality fans and the 4930 High Velocity Fan is no exception. It’s powerful, well-designed, and sturdy enough to withstand years of frequent use.


The Lasko 4930 is one of the most powerful models in its class, delivering 3 powerhouse speeds and smooth oscillation that allow it to cover large rooms with ease.

The ability to direct air flow either up or down means that you have more control over where the air stream hits. The one thing to keep in mind is that this is a powerful fan designed for large rooms. Because of that, it’s not as quiet as other options.

This makes it less-than-ideal if you’re looking for a slight breeze and quiet performance while you sleep.


This oscillating fan features a timer function that lets you choose between 1, 2, and 4-hour sleep mode. And like all Lasko fans, it is designed with a patented fused safety plug that will turn off in case of a motor malfunction or a power surge. In addition, it comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust any of the fans settings from across the room.


This fan comes pre-assembled, making it great for anyone looking for a model that can run right out of the box. It is designed with a wide, sturdy base that allows it to operate on carpet while preventing it from wobbling. An easy-grip carry handle lets you move it around with ease and a storage compartment on the back of the unit is perfect for stowing away the remote when it’s not in use.

Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

Honeywell makes some of the best home appliances on the market and their HY-280 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan is a great way to keep medium and large-sized rooms cool and breezy.


The HY-280 produces large amounts of cool air, improving the comfort and circulation in the largest of rooms for optimum cooling and airflow.

For added versatility, it features an impressive 8 fan speed settings and left-to-right oscillation as well as quiet breeze settings. It offers great customization thanks to its various speed settings such as sleep, whisper, calm, white noise, relax, refresh, cool, and power cool.

And thanks to its impressive air output, it’s a great option for large areas and can easily improve the comfort in any room measuring up to 300 square feet.


This Honeywell tower fan features an adjustable digital thermostat that allows you to set the controls to a desired temperature. Its touch button electronic controls are easy to use and the included remote lets you adjust any setting from across the room. The large digital display is easy to read and if you are interested in saving power, it comes with an auto shut-off timer with 1, 2, 4, and 8 hour settings.

And the ability to choose between a variety of speeds and quiet settings is a welcome addition to any fan in this affordable price range.


The HY-280 comes packed with some great technology but, as an affordable option, Honeywell built this powerhouse from plastic materials. It’s a bit lightweight and not ideal for use on unstable surfaces like carpeting.

It is designed with a carry handle and on-product remote control housing, eliminating the hassle normally associated with moving a tower fan between rooms. And a cord management feature eliminates the risk of tripping on the power cord.

Ozeri Ultra Wind 3x Tower Fan with Passive Noise Reduction Technology

The Ozeri Ultra Wind 3x Tower Fan is one of the best tower fans on the market today, garnering exceptional reviews and delivering great versatility and high velocity performance.

Best of all, it manages to provide all of this while being one of the most elegant, streamlined models around.


This high-performance fan from Ozeri is built to produce great airflow with minimal noise, making it perfect for any room in your home.

Its upgraded canted fan blades generate opposing sound waves that reduce blade noise, isolating the calming sound of the unit’s airflow. This means it can deliver great airflow velocity at less than 50dB. With oscillation, independently controlled fans, and a number of speed and airflow settings, it’s one of the most versatile models on the market.


The Ozeri 3x Tower Fan features 3 pre-programmed airflow patterns designed for sleep, relaxation, and comfort. Its 90-degree oscillation is silent and promotes optimal air circulation, even in large rooms. Its LED control panel is easy to operate and an extended-range remote can adjust every setting including a 7.5 hour shut-off timer that can be set in 30 minute increments.

Plus, it was designed with 3 independent, controllable fans that can be operating and adjusted independently, meaning that you can adjust the airflow of the unit to your exact needs.


This stylish unit measures less than 3″ thick and features an elegant, reinforced glass base stand. Thanks to its dismountable design, it can be put together without tools and only requires you to attach the fan base by hand-tightening one large nut. At 44″, it’s taller than other models but, thanks to its slim, modern design, it can fit in any corner.

Westinghouse WFTR40W 40″ Tower Fan

If you’re tired of sitting in a warm, stuffy room then the Westinghouse 40″ Tower Fan is one of the best purchases you can make.

Affordable, well-made, and capable of impressive air flow, it’s a great way to make your home or office more comfortable.


This cooling tower fan from Westinghouse has 3 different speed settings. While that’s less than some of other models in the market, it’s more than enough to make any room more comfortable.

And its oscillation function smoothly distributes air throughout the room, ensuring that all of your guests feel the breeze. Users rave about the fact that this model pushes a large amount of air fairly quietly.

It does create some sound though, particularly at the highest setting, making it a great option for anyone who enjoys sleeping with a bit of white noise.


You don’t have to worry about getting up to adjust this unit since it comes with a full-function remote that operates all of the fan’s controls. Plus, it comes with a built-in shut-off timer with increments of up to 8 hours.


With a clean, modern look and an attractive digital LED display, the Westinghouse 40″ Tower Fan is an attractive addition to any room. It’s less bulky than some other models, making it perfect for use in smaller rooms while being powerful enough to throw air throughout large spaces.

A 5′ power cord means that you’ll never have to deal with extension cords and, thanks to its lightweight 9 lb build, moving it from room to room is easy.

Honeywell HYF290B QuietSet 8Speed Wholeroom Tower Fan

Looking for the perfect tower fan for your bedroom or any quiet setting? This fan from Honeywell is one of the quietest models on the market today.


The Honeywell fresh breeze HYF290B is designed to give you a lot of control over your fan’s operation. It offers 8 levels of speed and quiet control ranging from white noise to whisper. This allows you to personalize the sound and cooling power of the fan.

And its oscillation function distributes air across the room very evenly. It doesn’t produce the extremely powerful air flow that some other models do, making it better for use in small or medium rooms.


Honeywell packed this tower fan with some impressive features. Like most models, you get a fully functional remote that allows you to adjust any setting from across the room.

QuietSet technology allows you to fine-tune the sound and cooling performance of the fan, making it great for year-round use. It includes a built-in digital thermostat and an easy to use LED control panel. This fan also lets you choose between 1, 2, 4, and 8 hour automatic shut-off.

Plus, Honeywell took note of complaints that users had regarding other models and brands and built the HYF290B with a dimming feature that is perfect for use in the bedroom.

This feature lets you dim the light of the control panel at increments of 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and 0%, so you’ll never have to worry about the light of the fan keeping you awake at night.


This is a rather stylish fan that’s smaller than some other models on the market, making it great for smaller rooms. It’s light and, with the reach-through carry handle, it’s very easy to move from room to room. It’s easy to put together and features no-tool assembly and the remote control can be nested in the back of the fan housing when it’s not in use.

Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan

If you want a silent and stylish fan for your bedroom or office, the Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan from Arctic-Pro is one of the top buys out there today.


This tower fan from Arctic-Pro has 3 whisper quiet speed settings that allow you to create the perfect airflow for your room. It’s designed to perform virtually silently while delivering an even breeze throughout the entire room thanks to its 80-degree oscillation.


No need to get up to adjust settings with this fan since it comes with a convenient, full-function remote control. It also has an illuminated control panel with a digital display so you can clearly see your chosen settings. Best of all, it features Night Mode.

This feature allows you to turn the screen off at night by simply holding the Mode button for 5 seconds. And to illuminate the screen, simply touch the button again.


The modern design of this tower fan ensures it will look great in any environment while its small 12″ footprint ensures that it doesn’t take up too much space. Plus, it features 2 configurations.

You can use this unit as a 42″ tower fan or attach the fan directly to the base, making it equally useful as a tabletop fan. You may also wish to consider the Seville Classics ultra slimline tower fan for your home or office.

What is a Tower Fan?

A tower fan is a type of cooling device that is tall and narrow. It can oscillate from left to right, and push hot air outward.  Unlike an air conditioner, it doesn’t cool the air but this feature also makes it more energy efficient.

It is also easy to maneuver given its lightweight design and can be carried from one room to another. Unlike the regular electric fan, a tower fan takes up minimal space.

It can easily fit in corners.  Plus, it doesn’t have the blades that electric fans have which makes it a good choice for families with little children. Finally, a tower fan can complement any look or feel of a room with its slim and contemporary design.

Best Tower Fans Brands

This is a selection of the best tower fans brands; you should ensure that before you get a tower fan, it must bear the name of the one of the brands listed below:


Lasko is another good brand that you can trust. It originally was a metal company in the 1900s before it went into the design and manufacture of cooling fans. Lasko tower fans are known for having advanced features like programmable timer, remote control, and widespread oscillation. There are also models with fresh air ionizer.


You can’t also go wrong when you pick a Holmes oscillating fan.  One of its best sellers is the 33-inch tower fan that features a digital remote control, five oscillation settings, automatic shut off, and five-hour timer.


This is another company with a long tradition of producing quality coolers. Tower fans of Vornado make use of the brand’s proprietary vortex action, which allows the tower fans to circulate air more evenly.


This 30-year old company is noted for its tower fans that are energy efficient and portable. Its smallest product, the UltraSlimline 17 inch, is a personal fan that is ideal for use in dorm rooms, garage workspace, and kitchen counters. Another top product is the UltraSlimline Energy Saving tilt tower fan that can save up to 50 percent in power consumption.


This is perhaps the best-known brand of tower fans. The company is a respected name in home appliances, having been established in 1978.

It originally manufactured vacuum cleaners but has since then produced hand dryers, cooling fans, and hair dryers. All Dyson cooling fans are up to 75 percent quiet compared to its competitors.

This makes them great choices for home use, especially in homes with babies and children. Dyson cooling fans are also remote controlled. Through the brand’s patented Air Multiplier technology, cooling fans can produce an uninterrupted stream of smooth air.


Tower fans from this brand make use of the company’s patented quietest technology. There are many levels of quiet operation and oscillation. Plus, cooling fans of this brand have an auto-shut off timer. According to the company, its cooling products can help households save up to 20 percent on their energy bills.


This brand started as a manufacturer of digital house ware products. Ozeri has since they crossed over to the production of tower fans.  Its cooling fans feature its patented noiseless airflow technology.

Key considerations before paying for that tower fan

There are really a lot of features we look out for when selection the best tower fans, so many attributes to consider but the ones listed below seem to lead the pack. You should consider the following before you pay for one of the plethora of tower fans we have around:

Cooling of the tower fan

You really need to consider the cooling power of the fan before you make the purchase. Assuming you have a large room that you need to cool down, you are should not buy one with a lower power and vice versa.

You have to factor in the size of the room you want to cool down and also go for the tower fan with enough power to handle or cover it.

Speed Settings and cooling distribution (oscillation/coverage)

Many tower fans come with the options to allow you to change the speed and oscillation of the fan. You have to know that different tower fans and varying ability to really affect the coverage and oscillation capabilities.

Noise Level

Most tower fans are known to make some whirring and purring sound, since they are dealing with the wind, there will always be some amount of sound and noise.

What you should prevent is the noise with a higher decibel than you can accept or are comfortable with. Some fans are mostly silent, some produce a comfortable level of white noise, and some are noisy.

Aesthetics, Build and Design Quality of the tower fans

Most tower fans come with the oscillation feature and this enhances the spread of air in the living space. This also increases the chances of it breaking, thus, it is proper to only go for a very strong fan.

Most tower fans will be used in the open, so you should really be interested in what the fan looks like and how that look will add to the overall beauty of your apartment or living area.

Price of the tower fan

Most of the tower fans come for as low as $40, they are smaller than the more expensive ones and are also way more smaller than others

The cheaper ones work very proper too only that they come with limited options during operations, fewer speed settings and low level of oscillation power.

The higher-end tower fans, above $100, offer more speed settings, more power, and are often much quieter than their cheaper counterparts.

Warranty of the tower fans

A long warranty for any of the tower fans can help you get repairs or a full replacement if your tower fan malfunctions. Our research revealed that most tower fans have a one-year warranty, which is typical among most types of electrical appliances.

Three brands we looked at have longer warranties: Vornado, Holmes and Dyson offer five-, three- and two-year warranties on their respective tower fan models.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost and/or value for the price
  • Features (timer, eco mode, remote)
Top Best Tower Fans