Best Bionaire Tower Fan Review 2019

The bionaire tower fan is another brand of tower fan that is ideal abnd affordable for you to get and use in your home.

The overall quality of the Bionaire – Remote Control Tower Fan, Five Speed, 40″ Tall, Black/Silver is, in my opinion, spectacular.

Bionaire Tower Fan Review

The Bionaire BT46R-U is yet another tower fan that offers the standard functions and elements of today’s traditional tower fan. Three speed settings? Check. Electronic touch pad controls? Check. Automatic shut-off timer? You guessed it, another check.

As with a few of its competitors, the Bionaire BT46R-U comes with an integrated carrying handle, allowing the unit to be easily portable. The unit’s slim profile is well suited to a dorm room, a living room or an office setting.

We are pleasantly surprised with the unit’s ability to disperse an ample amount of air through a room. The second and third speed settings are especially effective in creating nice cool breezes. Only the most demanding of consumers would not find the BT46R-U capable of producing enough air to meet their needs.

With a slim profile and sure grip, the unit’s black and grey remote control is both simple in design and efficient in use. The five function buttons are laid out vertically, which means you are able to choose your desired function quickly and easily.

Specifications of the bionaire tower fan

This particular product gives individuals a space saving solution. This is used to help cool off on a warm day. It also comes with a remote control to save anyone from having to walk up to the fan every time they want to change the settings.

It is also a lot more convenient to have a control, especially if somebody just wants to relax outside in the sun and not having to get up every five minutes to change a particular option. Another great specification that is included in this product is a wide range of speed settings.

It also comes with an oscillation setting in order to allow the air to pass around in larger spaces. Finally, this product also comes with sleep settings and breeze settings.

Although this product does have some great specifications, no product is perfect. They each have their own range of pros and cons which are going to be mentioned as follows;

Features of The Bionaire tower fan with remote control?

  • The power is adequate.
  • The sleep and breeze settings are great for those warm nights.
  • The speed options are a great feature to have. It gives people the option of how much power they want.

Bionaire Tower Fan Models

This are the most popular models of the bionaire tower fan:

  • Bionaire® Mini Oscillating Tower Fan
  • Bionaire® 36 Inch Remote Control Tower Fan

About the Makers of the Bionaire Tower Fan

Pure quality. Innovative design. Advanced Technology. Experience Pure Indoor Living with the Bionaire® Brand. Offering an ideal balance of form and function,

Bionaire® products help nurture and renew your well-being to transform your personal environment with purity and comfort. Indoor air quality and unpleasant home conditions are corrected for clean, controlled, more harmonious living.

A pioneer in its field, the Bionaire® brand believes that if there’s a better way out there, it we will be the first to find it by imaginatively blending technology and nature, art and science.

The Bionaire® brand relentlessly pursues pure perfection for all those who demand pure quality, pure design and pure simplicity in their home environment in the ultimate quest for pure indoor living.

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