Best Dyson Tower Fan Review 2019

This is the best Dyson Tower Fan Review you need to read before you invest in the next tower fan for your home and living room.

Looking for a perfect machine that can be the best alternative to your home or office on this hot and burning summer? Then you are on right path and place.

A Dyson tower fan will be the best solution for you and your family to cool the body temperature and make yourself comfortable. Dyson is a reputed company, and they bless us with some amusing and high-class unique machine every year. They carry on their reputation with Dyson tower fan.

Among different model of Dyson tower fan, I am going to highlight best two Dyson tower fan reviews.

Dyson Tower Fan Reviews

Dyson tower fan complete reviews:

Dyson AM07 Tower Fan

Dyson tower fan reviews have given Dyson AM07 tower fan good feedback, but how good is it really when used on a regular basis? We decided to take a closer look at this tower fan and whether it really lives up to the hype or not. We will start by looking at its features and look at the pros and cons as well.

We will start this Dyson air multiplier review by examining its features. Dyson AM07 tower fan uses a special air multiplier technology, allowing it to accelerate air movement through an opening. When the fan is turned on, a stream of air is pulled in from the area around it.

Once the air is drawn, it is pushed through the fan. The end result of all this is the fan draws air in and produces a soothing airflow. If you’ve been wondering how does Dyson fan work, now you know how.

When you consider all its features, it’s not hard to see why this has become very popular with a lot of customers.

While it is feature packed, the fan is easy to use and convenient, but there are other reasons why it’s worth considering.  Some people may look at the Dyson AM07 as a luxury fan, but once you get used to it, you will see that it is more of a necessity than anything else.

This Dyson AM07 review can also point out that it’s safe to use. Unlike a traditional tower fan, it doesn’t have any blades that could result in an injury. Another common complaint with regular fans is the airflow gets choppy, but not here as the airflow is smooth and consistent.

Another thing we have to point out is the Dyson AM07 is compact and easy to use. Whereas other tower fans take up a lot of space, this one doesn’t. Furthermore, its airflow is so powerful that you can set it in a corner and it will generate high velocity but cool air.

Dyson AM02 Tower Fan

The Dyson tower fan AM02 is a fan with no blades is the latest addition to the British brand’s collection of eye-catchy air multipliers.

Unlike a conventional fan that has blades, which chop the air before it hits you causing unpleasant buffeting, Dyson tower fan uses air multiplier technology to intensify air 16 times as compared to the conventional fan and it generates an uninterrupted flow of smooth air.

It has no blades, so no buffeting. It is best as compared to the conventional fan and the customer has given best Dyson tower fan reviews.

Dyson AM08 Tower Fan

Dyson AM09 Tower Fan

Features of the Dyson Tower Fan

  • Airflow Setting: ten settings control oscillation and airflow.
  • Remote Control: The unit comes with a remote control which you’ll use to control the fan. It’s a very handy and responsive too.
  • Automatic tip-over shut off: this is a safety feature that reduces the possibility of accidents.
  • Sleep Timer: the fan comes with a timer so you can program the fan just the way you want it.
  • Cooling Air Capacity: This Dyson fan review is designed for full-sized rooms, i.e. 14 x 20” or so, but it depends on the environment as well.
  • Speed Setting: there are 10-speed options, so you have full control.

How does Dyson tower fan work?

Though it is called a bladeless fan, the Dyson Air Multiplier has blades within; they are hidden inside the pedestal stand. So this section of the fan draws up to 5.28 gallons of air per second.

In addition to the blades in pedestal stand, it also makes use of a brushless electric motor that rotates the nine asymmetrically-designed blades. This provides precise control of the speed of the fan and the pedestal motor adds an extra push to the fast flowing air and shoots it up into the ring portion of the fan.

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