Best Holmes Tower Fan Reviews 2019

Holmes Tower Fan is also another brand you should look out for when shopping for the next oscillating fan to curb the heat during summer.

If you’re looking for a good fan, look no further than the Holmes Tower Fan series, as their products have been getting good reviews and deservedly so as they are of the highest quality.

About the only problem, you will have to decide what to choose, but here we can help too as we have rounded up their top 4 Holmes tower fan reviews so you can have your pick of the best.

There are different types of fans, but they have one purpose, and that is to circulate cool air in a room. However, not all fans can do this right, as some are more effective than others.

You also have to consider other factors such as the features, speed settings, remote control, oscillation and other elements.

Best Holmes Tower Fan Reviews

This is the complete list of the best and most popular holmes tower fan:

Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan

This Holmes 36 tower fan can say with certainty this is one of the best regarding value. There are three fan speed settings, and the oscillation provides widespread coverage.

The fan, which runs quietly, also comes with an automatic shut-off timer, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off.

The fan’s control panel is intuitive, and the LED lights serve as important indicators. Also, you also get a remote control for added convenience. Thanks to its design the fan doesn’t generate any loud noise, and it is ideal for use in bedrooms and living rooms.

This Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan isn’t as large as the other models, but it doesn’t lack regarding features or quality. The speed settings provide optimum air circulation, and even if you’re in a large room, its multi-directional oscillation cools these areas quickly and efficiently.

Holmes Group HTF38138-BM Tower Fan

Holmes HTF38138-BM Tower Fan has also received a lot of positive feedback for its versatility, thanks in part to the 8-speed settings with the oscillation that you can turn off and on.

A timer is included as well as a remote control where you can adjust all the settings you want. You will also find storage for remote built in so you will never misplace the unit.

The fan comes with a carry handle so you can bring the fan and take it from room to room. The noise level is low, making it ideal for use in home and office, and with its size, you can use this 38-inch fan in small to large rooms.

It’s not every day that you will see fans with 8-speed settings, and some might argue this is overkill. However, the eight settings are well implemented and provide a greater level of customization compared to other models.

Holmes HTF3303A-BM Tower Fan

This holmes tower fan is capable of flowing constant air in a large size. It comes with all the essential features you could want.

There are 5-speed settings, so you have full control over how fast you want the fan to be. It also comes with a 5-hour timer so you can shut it off automatically. It is also built for heavy duty use and won’t break down easily.

The LED control panel is easy to use, and the LED lights function well as indicators. With its sleep and breeze modes, the fan keeps you fresh and comfortable. Its oscillation coverage is wide so that you can use this in your home and the workplace.

Just like the other Holmes tower fans, the HTF3303A sports a slim design so it fits in spaces where you cannot put regular fans.

One of the problems with most fans is the oscillation not implemented correctly. Fortunately, it isn’t a problem as the wide angle oscillation cools even a large room. Lastly, the built-controls are intuitive, but it is even more convenient with the remote control.

Holmes HT26-U Tower Fan

This Holmes pure quiet tower fan comes with multiple speed settings so you can make adjustments depending on the temperature.

Aside from the different speed settings, the HT26-U oscillation is good enough for wide coverage. It comes with a programmable timer, and the accented front grill gives it a nice look.

This fan is ideal for use in bedrooms and living rooms, and its compact design means you can set it up even in tight spots. It doesn’t make a lot of noise so you can use this in your bedroom or the office.

A bit of assembly is required, but instructions are provided, and they’re easy to follow. The fan is compact, but it does come with a lot of power and should be enough to cool down a room as long as it isn’t too large.

Current Complete Models of Holmes tower fan

This are the complete models of Holmes tower fan there is according to their official website: Holmes tower fan

  • Holmes® 32 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan
  • Holmes® Mini Tower Fan
  • Holmes® 29-Inch Oscillating Tower Fan
  • Holmes® 32 Inch Remote Control Tower Fan
  • Holmes® 38 Inch Tower Fan with 8 speeds
  • Holmes® 14-Inch Oscillating Mini Tower Fan
  • Holmes® HTF3606AR 36″ Tower Fan with Remote Control
  • Holmes® 31-Inch Oscillating Tower Fan
  • Holmes® 31-Inch Oscillating Tower Fan
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