Best Seville Tower Fan Reviews 2019

You need a Seville tower fan which is ultraslimline from the Seville classics company, if you are really concerned about about surviving the hot summer.

Nothing dampens a good day like seating in a stuffy hot room in the house or the office. When in such a situation, you’ll want to have the best tower fan that will cool air especially during those hot summer days and night.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, capable fan, the Seville Classics UltraSlimeline Tower Fan is a fine choice. It offers the best balance of price, power, noise level, and convenience at a price that’s cheaper than most of the competition.

To that end, we performed extensive research on this model to figure out why it’s rated one of the best at its price point.

We spent 30 hours on research and conducted interviews with fan engineers and product testing experts as well as several days measuring air circulation, airflow velocity, and decibel levels this is why you should trust this review as its well researched and conducted.

Seville Tower fan reviews

Here is one of the popular Seville classics ultraslimline tower fan:

Seville Classics Ultra Slimline Tower Fan EHF10128 Review

The Seville EHF10128 is a combo pack. It consists of one tall fan and a smaller, personal fan. The taller fan is 39 inches tall, and the personal fan is 17 inches tall. Other than that, it has several features that you would find in other seville tower fan.

So the question is, is the EHF10128 worth it? Let this review give you the answer.  In a hurry? Check out the Seville EHF10128.

Some features of the Seville tower fan EHF10128

  • This doesn’t have regular blades like most tower fans.
  • This is a combo unit, so expect to find two types of fans when you unbox it — a tall fan (39 inches) and a personal fan (17 inches).
  • The tall fan has a metal housing, has 3 speed settings, and has a remote control. The personal fan, on the other hand, has a high-quality plastic housing, 3 speed settings, but no remote control.
  • This is powered by a 110V cord.
  • It’s made in China.

Also, take note that some features are only present in the tall fan. For instance, the remote control only works for the tall fan.

Models of the Seville Tower fan

This are some of the current models of the Seville classics Ultraslimline Tower fan:

  • UltraSlimline 17 Inch Oscillating Personal Tower Fan, Black
  • UltraSlimline 17 Inch Oscillating Personal Tower Fan, White
  • UltraSlimline 40 inch Oscillating Tower Fan, Black
  • UltraSlimline 40 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan, White
  • UltraSlimline Tower Fan Combo Pack, Black
  • UltraSlimline Tower Fan Combo Pack, White
  • UltraSlimline 40 inch Oscillating Tower Fan with Tilt Feature, Black
  • UltraSlimline 40 inch Oscillating Tower Fan with Tilt Feature, White

About the makers of Seville tower fan

As with most traditional consumer packaged goods companies, Seville Classics’ products can be found online and at various sized retailers around the world. Presently, we are determined to expand our business and global reach to every country on every continent.

Seville Classics has been a global leader in home organization and storage solutions for over 35 years. We focus on bringing innovative houseware and hardware products to homes and businesses, providing superior design, quality and value.

Headquartered in Torrance, California, we have sales and support offices in Hong Kong and Vancouver focused on serving our retail and distribution partners. We are uniquely able to design, manufacture and distribute our products throughout the globe.

Our passion to innovate can not only be seen in our product design and commitment to sustainability, but in our continual search for the latest trends and use of durable and eco-friendly materials.

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