Best Sunter Tower Fan Reviews 2019

The sunter tower fan is also one of the popular types and brands around. They will help to make your home more comfortable especially when everywhere is hot and sweaty.

The Sunter tower fan has a style not that too dissimilar to the popular Seville classics and is actually the same size at 40 inches tall. It has an all-black style and is made from plastic, much like most other tower fans.

The controls are at the top of the fan and all these controls can also be controlled by the remote control for extra convenience.

The buttons make a noise when you press them which can be an issue for some people.

For example, those that are sleeping at night and want to make a change to the settings quietly will get a loud beep which could perhaps wake others up.

Its casing on the front has grooves running vertically and in this case, these are not able to be moved for extra control of the fan.

Safety is always a concern for consumers and they can feel safe in the fact this fan comes with a safety fuse technology.

To reaffirm that safety factor the Sunter tower fan is also ETL listed which means it has passed independent North American safety standards.

The fan is reported by a number of consumers to be very stable at the base.

This can be an issue with some tower fans. Sometimes when they oscillate it can cause the unit to wobble, or move around.

At 40 inches, it should be high enough to reach over most beds to give you a cool breeze when you are going to sleep.

Luckily it doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Sunter Tower Fan Reviews

The Sunter Tower Fan is an elegant design that fits into any home environment. Easy remote control provides instant, powerful, ultra-quiet air circulation.

The 40″ fan quickly and gently cools an entire living space. Add to this the convenience of a second, 13″ personal fan, ideal for an office, bedside, or table top.

Both fans also feature multiple speeds and room soothing, oscillating action. Features: 40” fan has 4 speeds:

economy, low, medium, high 13” fan has 3 speeds: low, medium, high Remote control for 40” fan Both fans have an oscillating function 40” fan has a 15-hour timer 40” fan has three modes for unique airflow options:

  1. Standard (Economy, Low, Medium, High)
  2. Evening Wind – Allows you to set a speed and that speed will gradually lower to econ
  3. Breeze Wind – Automatically selects wind speed randomly as you would find outdoors

Both fans are UL approved Dimensions and More Information: Fan exterior is made from durable plastic Box Dimensions: L:12.75”, W:7.5”, H:40.15” Weight:15.54lbs

Sunter Tower Fan Features

This are some features of the sunter tower fan:

  • Four Speed
  • Oscillating
  • Variable Timed Shut-Off (15 Hour)
  • Remote Controlled
  • Variable Wind Setting
  • Ultra Quiet
  • 1 Year Warranty
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